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  2. TNBBA Contributes 50,000/- INR for Charulatha’s further treatment
  3. Fund raising for Charulatha’s recovery.
  4. The Chennai District DSO Mr. B. Kandasamy led the monthly Games competition for Ball Badminton 2019.
  5. The Mega event 39th Sub Junior State Championship Ball Badminton for Girls & Boys has ended successfully

Ball Badminton Game Kits

The Game kits used in Ball Badminton sport

The Ball Badminton is generally an inexpensive sport which requires rackets for each player, Woolen Yellow ball and a net splitting up the sides of court.

Wooden Ball Badminton Racket

Traditionally the Ball Badminton Rackets have been made with Wood. A standard ball badminton racket, usually weighs from 200 grams to 250 grams and 63 cms to 70 cms in total length. The gutted elliptical area of the racket is 20 cms to 22 cm across and 24 to 27 cmslength wise. The Wooden Ball Badminton rackets are generally made from highly seasoned mulburry wood in 4 ply combinations, by the expert craftsman under guidance by professionals assuring accurate weight and balance.
The Wooden Rackets have more action than the other type of Rackets. And the learners that start the Ball Badminton game are advised to use only Wooden Rackets at least until they start controlling the balls. There are experts they still prefer to use Wooden Rackets as it has more advantages than the other rackets. However maintaining wooden rackets are quite difficult as the wood can bend or stretch during hot or cool. So the climatic conditions can affect your wooden rackets unless you keep it under the filing frame.

Graphite Ball Badminton Racket

The Graphite Rackets are started getting popularity in the modern days. It looks similar like the shuttle rackets. The Graphite Ball Badminton rackets are made up with 100% graphite (Carbon). These rackets weigh between 150 gms to 160 gms. Choosing a light weight Racket is always an advantage. The standard Graphite Racket length is between 65 cms to 69 cms. The balance of power with the graphite racket is 32. 5mm(± 5mm). The gutted elliptical area of the racket is 20 cms to 22 cm across and 24 to 27 cms length wise. Usually experts play better on Graphite Rackets than beginners.

Woolen Ball

The ball is made with yellow wool. The standard ball weighs between 22 grams to 23 grams. The diameter of ball stays between 5 cm to 5.5 cm. The high quality balls are made up using Top Grade Australian wools.

The Net

The net is made of fine cord to make a 2 cm square mesh along its length and is edged with red tape at the top. The entire net is red, white and blue, 100 cm wide and 13.5 meters in length. It is tied to a center pole of 183 cm and two poles of 185 cm at the sides of the court to maintain the 183 cm height of the net at the center. Two posts, each 2 meters high, are fixed one meter or less outside the court on either side at the end of the line to which the net is tied, strong enough to keep the net well stretched. A hook is fixed at 1.5 meters height to each pole to easily tighten the net whenever necessary.