Latest news
  1. Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju Announces Lifelong Monthly Pension For Indian Sports people
  2. TNBBA Contributes 50,000/- INR for Charulatha’s further treatment
  3. Fund raising for Charulatha’s recovery.
  4. The Chennai District DSO Mr. B. Kandasamy led the monthly Games competition for Ball Badminton 2019.
  5. The Mega event 39th Sub Junior State Championship Ball Badminton for Girls & Boys has ended successfully



Sponsors – The life blood of Ball Badminton Sport

CDBBA Welcomes Sponsors

Sponsorship money is the life blood of major sports around the world. Having sponsorship funding allows athletes and organizations to focus more on the training and production of their sports, as well as reduce the stress that comes with finding money to train and put on events. Players will compete in games without any financial issues at the back of their mind and in return, brands get more exposure, become a trusted brand to the consumers and increase revenue.

At CDBBA we understand it is not donations it is sponsorship which means it is not a one way street but a mutually beneficial relationship between sponsor and recipient. Thus we are committed to advertise our sponsors in all possible ways to increase the brand awareness, service or product awareness.

Advantages of sponsoring to our sports club and/or sport events

  • Increase brand awareness/visibility
  • Increase your sales/acquire customers
  • Drive more website views
  • Gain publicity
  • Differentiate from the competition
  • A welcomed form of advertising
  • Build goodwill
  • Possible tax incentive

In fact, most of our sponsors continue to work with us over several years, and sponsor various events around the Ball Badminton. Every sponsor we work with is assigned a dedicated sponsorship account manager, who is responsible for ensuring that your partnership with Ball Badminton events helps you reach your advertising goals.

You can make your sponsorship in 2 ways

Sponsor to our events:

The most business loves to do. You can sponsor to our events such state level tournaments, national tournaments and other invitation trophies. Most our events are highly interactive, and sponsors will have the opportunity to engage directly with event attendees throughout the venue.

  • Your promotional videos can play around in our big LED displays throughout the tournament days.
  • Banners around the tournament venue and Ball Badminton courts
  • Platinum sponsors will have their brand logo printed on players’ jersey.
  • All games will be recorded and Videos will be published on our dedicated youtube channels shared in all social networks. Each video will start with the introduction of our sponsors.
  • Complete event records will be published on our website and the pages will be filled along with our sponsors’ brand advertisements. The platinum sponsors will be given a dedicated page and the page will have the promotional content about your brand, company, product, service or promotional campaigns. This page will be linked from the events pages and shared on all our social networks. This can extensively help on your Search engine visibility.

Sponsor to our club:

You can sponsor to CDBBA which will help for the growth of our club. Your funds will be used in such ways like,

  • Buying sports equipment
  • Tailoring sports dress for the players
  • Maintain our courts.
  • Providing allowances to our coaches.
  • Taking care of team’s transport, food and accommodation during tournaments.

What our sponsors will get?

Like sponsoring to events, the club sponsors will also get benefited these ways,

  • Permanent banners around our home courts with your brand.
  • Our players’ jerseys will fill out with your brand logos. Players will play with your brand stamped dresses on various tournaments.
  • Your brand identity will take part on our website on various pages like web banner advertisement. You will also be allowed to link the banners to your website.

Sponsor satisfaction is extremely important to the CDBBA team. Without satisfied sponsors, we simply would not be able to remain in business.