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39th Sub Junior State Championship Ball Badminton for Girls & Boys


CDBBA in association with TNBBA has successfully completed the Mega event

39th Sub Junior State Championship Ball Badminton Tournament

31st August and 01st September 2019

RPF Playground, ICF.

-Yes, it was truly a Mega event-

The Mega festival has just been completed successfully by CDBBA in association with TNBBA. It was such a huge task to CDBBA but the team enjoyed like a fun on making it. Yes the 39th Sub Junior State Championship was conducted in such a way as an initiative to popularize Ball Badminton game. It was a dream for Mr. Parthiban (Secretary, CDBBA) to conduct such an event which was finally done in association with the key volunteers Mr. Suresh Kumar (Director, Victory Solutions) and Ln. S.S. Ganesh Kumar (Director, GESAR Displays Pvt Ltd). CDBBA is really thankful to Mr. Suresh and Ganesh for such a great involvement and passion on taking care of this mega event. The team also has been planning to host a National event with a 2X arrangements soon.

The Tamilnadu Minister Ma-Foi K. Pandiarajan was the chief guest on pricing ceremony who motivated the players with a great speech. Also the prices were distributed by the Minister which was the best way we feel to appreciate Ball Badminton players. Thanks to the other chief guests PMJF. Ln. K.S. Baskar and Mrs. Rev. Kathiroli Manikkam for honoring the event by taking part on it. There is also a special Thank to Ln. K.S. Baskar who provided his school as accommodation for girls.

The event was inaugurated by our TNBBA President Mr. Nadesan and the secretary Mr. Ezilarasan. There was an excellent and professional Band by Jessie Moses School during the welcome and March-Fast sessions. The inauguration was really cool and entirely different by the demonstration of Mallakamb, a great Indian traditional Gymnastic sport. Thanks to the Tamilan Mallakamb team lead by Mr. Prakash for such a wonderful demo. The entire 2 days were colorful with huge decorations, banners and Jerseys. The ground was looking like most active day for it. There is a special thanks to the caterer Mr. Madhavan for providing such a great food with half the rate and nurturing the children and volunteers in the ground. He was really behaving like a parent.

So finally as usual the play started with huge joy…. Smashes, Swings, Whistles, fun, fun and fun…

  • Total Teams: 20
  • Winner: Krishnagiri
  • Runner: Tiruvallur
  • Total Teams: 42
  • Winner: Erode
  • Runner: Nagapatinam

The CDBBA has been given opportunity to conduct 39th Sub Junior State Championship Ball Badminton tournament for the year 2019. It will be 2 days and the dates have been scheduled for 31st August and 01st September 2019. The venue is yet to be decided but it has been planned to be decorated with colorful banner advertisements for our sponsors to get benefitted. These are types of banner media we have committed to arrange at the tournament venue.

  • Standing Banners
  • Backdrop Banners (at tournament organizer stage and pricing stage)
  • LED Video Wall displays
  • Flags with your brand identity around the venue
  • Stalls and Displays are allowed at Venue to exhibit your products. The venue is well suited to attract visitors as well having excellent road side view.

The tournament typically as an inter-district tournament expected to have at least 33 district teams on competition. Each district is allowed to participate as 2 teams (Team A, Team B). The winner and runner are praised with trophies as well price money. All players that take part in the teams that take places from 1 – 4 will be given individual prices. The price articles will have the brand of our platinum sponsors (For example a Badminton Kit bag printed with our Platinum Sponsors’ brand logo.)

Sponsorship Packages



Rs 25,000/- to 49,999/-

  • Brand identity (Logo and promotional text) on Standing Banners
  • Your Brand Logo will be placed on our website under event page
  • Brand identity (Logo and promotional text) on Flags


Rs 50,000/- to 99,999/-

All privileges of the Silver Package as well as;

  • Ad rotation in LED Video Wall
  • Logos on the Backdrop banners
  • Jerseys of players, referees and tournaments committee members will be filled with your logos
  • A dedicated page will be provided in our website which you can use as campaign landing page, general information about company or news. This page will be placed for life time


Rs 1,00,000/- and more

Diamond sponsors will be placed in all type of advertisements planned at the venue

All privileges of the Gold Package as well as;

  • Individual prices (ex: kit bags) will be printed with your brand identities
  • All our Match Videos will start with your logo. The videos will be published on online video channels
  • You will also be allocated a space for your advertisement on our news, events and blog pages. Your advertisement will be maintained at website for 6 months. You can often change your advertisement within the allocated space
  • You will be invited for the sponsor appreciation session during the pricing ceremony and a sponsorship plaque will be honored to you

Although the packages say some amount range we request you not to limit within this. You can go as much as possible and we are committed to give value for you. Also we are not limited to have only the businesses as sponsors where we are always welcome individuals to contribute your valuable funds. You will be honored by us by sharing your identity on our web page and during the announcements on tournament venue.

We are obliged to provide you a proper receipt as well contract agreement mentioning the sponsorship package above.

Event Sponsors

We are very much thankful to the sponsors who made this event successful.
– Chennai District Ball Badminton Association & Tamilnadu Ball Badminton Association –


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March 15, 2019 1:34 pm